Must designs be original?
Designs should be original and unpublished before. However, the key of the competition is to create a prototype. If you have designed and produced one before, the results obtained using our technology might differ from the one you already made and not be completely successful . So we really do not recommend to present a not original project; in fact, we encourage you to try a new design.

Which are the Intellectual Property regulations of designs that take part in the competition?
Intellectual Property Rights, production and marketing rights belong to the author(s) of the design. At FYS, we believe construction of finalist projects should represent a great step forward for the author to release its product into the market and to get sponsors and so on, of course if they are interested in.

Are there any specific rules about the proposal drawings (sheet format, etc.)?
The specifications about the proporsal are the 'GUIDELINES' number 16 and 17.

However i am concerned, if a 3D model of the product (done in a 3D software) would be considered?
If your proporsal is one of the finalists, we will contact you so you send us 3D model, or any valuable information for manufacturing the proporsal, so we could select the winners. At this moment you only need to show us the proporsal based on GUIDELINES number 16 and 17.

What ist the maximum size for the final object in cm.?
There is not a maximum or minimum size for the final object.

I do not have good skills using Autocad, 3DMax or similar. Would it represent a handicap my proposal is designed by hand? I would scan it and send it, with consequent loss of quality?
One important point of the competition is to produce prototypes with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine. These machines cut and mill based on 2D or 3D digital files. I mean the prototypes will not be made by hand, but using this technology. The case of not using CAD tools does not imply the proposal is worse, of course. However, if you are one of the finalists, we would contact you to work with digital files to be able to produce the model; so the absence of digital files could represent an issue to start with. For these reasons, we really encourage you to use a 3D software. We recommend you Rhinoceros: www.en.emea.mcneel.com

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