ControlMad Advanced Design Center (Spain) is pleased to announce and organize the "2011 ControlMad International Design Competition: For Your Shoes".FYS The competition invites designers, architects and students to investigate new ideas and concepts for an object or system, that could simply store shoes. It should be a functional, well-designed piece of furniture to store footwear or shoes.

FYS starts as a way of solving a problem present in many houses and young people’s living areas. Nowadays, we have many types of storage furniture for many things, but shoes and footwear have long been neglected. All too commonly they are pushed into the bottom of a wardrobe, at the floor of the entrance or outside, to the balcony. FYS looks for participants, to give shoes a place, a thophy showcase almost, that is more than just a storage piece of furniture, but rather gives them the display they deserve.

For further information please contact us through info@controlmad.com

On behalf of ControlMad we would like to thank you for your interest in the competition

We are looking forward to receiving your entry.

Thank you and good luck!

Best Regards,

C/Ciudad Real 30.
C.I.F. B86052180

Early Registration-07/31/2011
End of Registration-09/05/2011
Final Submissions of Works-09/15/2011
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The 5 Finalists Announced-09/30/2011
Presentation of Final Prototypes-10/11/2011
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